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Simplify WordPress Design: The Beginner's Path with Elementor

Maryam Hafeez a WordPress Developer

By Maryam Hafeez, September 27, 2023

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If you’re considering creating your website, you’ve likely encountered terms like WordPress, Elementor, and website builder during your initial Google search. WordPress is one of the most renowned websites because it offers extensive customisation options, has a user-friendly learning turn, and comes at no cost. Preparing a visually appealing website is essential for leaving a lasting impression, but achieving this excellence can be challenging, especially if you need primary design or development experience.

Elementor: The Easy Way to Design Your Website

Elementor is a super-simple tool for making websites on WordPress. It’s like dragging and dropping building blocks to create incredible web pages. With moving things, different fonts, and fancy backgrounds, you can make your site look exactly how you want it. It’s everything you need in one place to make your website awesome!

Why Choose Elementor for Your Website Requirements

Elementor is the perfect tool for everyone on your team, regardless of your technical prowess. If you need to become a tech expert, its user-friendly visual editor empowers you to drag and drop over 90 gadgets to create content such as buttons, star ratings, and progress bars.

Even for seasoned WordPress developers, Elementor remains a top choice, offering script optimisation, custom attributes, and the capacity to move back to earlier performances.

Express Your Creativity with Elementor

Elementor grants you the power to build virtually anything. Whether tailoring complete websites or framing specific landing pages, this adaptable platform lets you design sales pages, promotional content, and custom forms. If you can dream it up, Elementor can make it real. Let’s Get started.

How to Put Elementor on Your Website/Adding Elementor Using WordPress Dashboard

Because it’s a part you can add to WordPress, getting Elementor is fast and straightforward. You can get the free amount right from your WordPress dashboard.

Step 1: Move to your dashboard and click on "Plugins" > "Add New."

How to Design WordPress : the begginers path with elementor .

Step 2: In the search box, type "Elementor" and find "Elementor Website Builder."

How to Design WordPress : the begginers path with elementor .

Step 3: Press "Install Now." Once it's done installing, press "Activate."

How to Design WordPress : the begginers path with elementor .

Start Using Elementor

To make a new page or post using Elementor

Step 1: Make a fresh page or post, then click Pages/Posts > Add New.

Step 2: Write your post title and click "Edit with Elementor" to start.

Step 3: You'll find the Elementor sidebar on your screen's left side.

It’s like a toolbox where you can pick different things to put in your design, like buttons and headings.

Inside this sidebar, there’s a special section called “Global Widgets.” You can save it here as a Global Widget using the same thing in many designs. This way, you can easily use it whenever you want. It also lets you change it in one place, and those changes will happen everywhere you use it on your website.

Step 4: After that, include a Title, Text Box, and Picture widget.

Step 5: Once you place each gadget where you want it, you can freely edit them. Click the Pink “Publish” button when you’re finished, and there you go! You’ve created your first-page using Elementor.

Step 6: After designing your page, you can look at how it will appear before publishing it.

Step 7: To do this, navigate to the left panel of the Elementor editor.

Step 8: To preview your page, click on the eye icon.

Step 9: When you’re ready to make your page live, click the Pink “Publish” button.

Customise Your Website's Appearance

Click on site setting, and With Elementor, You can pinch your website’s overall appearance effortlessly. You can change things like the default font, HTML colours, and even the borders and shadows WordPress automatically adds to elements like your site’s images.

You can achieve a uniform and pleasant appearance by fine-tuning these settings throughout your website. This method is faster and more straightforward than making these adjustments one page at a time. To access these site-wide settings, click on the menu icon in the Elementor sidebar.

From there, you can explore and make the changes you need. Once satisfied, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the Elementor sidebar to apply your new site settings. This helps keep your website looking great and can improve its SEO by providing a consistent user experience.

Designing with Ease: Adding Elementor Templates

Provides ready-made Page and Block templates to simplify your WordPress website design. Pages are complete content layouts, while Blocks are pre-designed sections containing widgets like footers, headers, and FAQs.

You have the flexibility to choose any template that suits your business needs. You can easily search for specific templates by page type, name, or tag. Plus, all templates are mobile-responsive, ensuring they look great on various devices. You can effortlessly incorporate these templates into any page with just one click.

Step 1: In the Elementor editor, scroll down to find the “Add widget here” section at the bottom of the page. Now, click on the white folder icon.

Step 2: A library will appear. To see a template, click the magnifying glass icon or hover over its image.

Step 9: When you’re ready to make your page live, click the Pink “Publish” button.

Step 3: Select any template you prefer and apply it to your website.

That’s it! Your template is now loaded and ready for you to customise. It’s that simple and convenient.

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